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top five hottest blog memein bluedreamers paradise

1. Simply choose five blogs you want to be included in your "top five list".

2.Give a short line or explanation why you put them on your list.One explanation for eachof every blog.

3.Now tag as many blogs as you want.You can also tag those blogs you've listedin your TOP can also put your own blog in your list if you want

4.[for those who've been tagged]you can also vote for a blog that was been nominated already
(besides,this is what this meme is intended for,to know how many bloggers will nominate your blog)

5.Submit you TOP FIVE HOTTEST BLOG ENTRY here . Submitted blogs will be the only one to be included in the tally
6.Remember:Submissions of entries starts from MARCH 1 2008 to MARCH 25,2008
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7.enjoy listing your top five!!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

unstoppable killing machine

Jason Voorhees is a fictional character from the Friday the 13th series of slasher films. He first appeared in Friday the 13th (1980) as Mrs. Voorhees' son, portrayed by Ari Lehman. Created in combination by Victor Miller, Ron Kurz, Sean S. Cunningham and Tom Savini, he was never intended to carry the series as the main villain. Jason Voorhees has also been represented in numerous novels, comic books, and a cross-over film with another horror legend, Freddy Krueger.
The character has primarily been an antagonist in the films, whether by stalking and killing the characters, or acting as a psychological threat to the lead character, as is the case in Friday the 13th: A New Beginning. Since Lehman's portrayal, the character has been represented by numerous actors and stuntmen, sometimes by more than one at a time; this has caused some controversy as to who should receive credit for the portrayal. Kane Hodder is the most well known of the stuntmen to portray Jason Voorhees having played the character in four consecutive films.

In his original appearance, Jason was scripted as a mentally disabled young boy Since Friday the 13th, Jason Voorhees has been depicted as a non-verbal, indestructible, machete-wielding mass murderer.With the exception of flashbacks of Jason drowning as a child, and a brief scene in Jason Goes To Hell where his spirit is possessing another body, the character has never spoken in any of the sequels to the original Friday the 13th. Online magazine Salon's Andrew O'Hehir describes Jason as a "silent, expressionless...blank slate." When discussing Jason psychologically, Sean S. Cunningham stated, "...he doesn't have any personality. He's like a great white shark. You can't really defeat him. All you can hope for is to survive." Since Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, Jason has been a "virtually indestructible" being. Tom McLoughlin, the film's director, felt it was silly that Jason had previously been just another guy in a mask, who would kill people left and right, but get "beaten up and knocked down by the heroine at the end." McLoughlin wanted Jason to be more of a "formidable, unstoppable monster

Many have given suggestions as Jason's motivation for killing. Ken Kirzinger refers to Jason as a "psychotic mama's boy gone horribly awry...Very resilient. You can't kill him, but he feels pain, just not like everyone else." Kirzinger goes on to say to Jason is a "psycho-savant", and believes his actions are based on pleasing his mother, and not anything personal. Andrew O'Hehir has stated, "Coursing hormones act, of course, as smelling salts to prudish Jason, that ever-vigilant enforcer of William Bennett-style values."[Todd Farmer, writer for Jason X, wrote the scene where Jason wakes from cryonic hibernation just as two of the teenagers are having sex. Farmer liked the idea that sex acts triggered Jason back to life. Whatever his motivations, Kane Hodder believes there is a limit to what he will do. According to Hodder, Jason might violently murder any person he comes across, but when Jason Takes Manhattan called for Hodder to kick the lead character's dog, Hodder refused. When it comes to hurting a dog, Hodder believes Jason would not act with disregard
A study was conducted by California State University's Media Psychology Lab, on the psychological appeal of movie monsters, which surveyed 1,166 people nationwide (United States), with ages ranging from 16 to 91. It was published in the Journal of Media Psychology. Many of the characteristics associated with Jason Voorhees were appealing to the participants. In the survey, Jason was considered to be an "unstoppable killing machine." Participants were impressed by the "cornicopic feats of slicing and dicing a seemingly endless number of adolescents and the occasional adult." Out of the ten monsters used in the survey — which included Vampires, Freddy Krueger, Frankenstein's monster, Michael Myers, Godzilla, Chucky, Hannibal Lecter, King Kong, and the Alien — Jason scored the highest in all the categories involving killing variables.

Friday, February 15, 2008

not all dolls are lovely

Charles Lee Ray, a.k.a. "Chucky"
is the primary antagonist in the Child's Play horror films series, with the original screenplay credited to Don Mancini, John Lafia, and Tom Holland.
Brad Dourif has voiced the character in all of the films, and appears at the beginning of the first film (as Charles Lee Ray himself) and in later flashbacks.
On November 9, 1988, Charles Lee Ray, the notorious "Lakeshore Strangler" was being chased down a street by a cop, Mike Norris, who proceeded to fire on Ray, fatally injuring him. Bleeding heavily, Ray stumbled into a toy store and collapsed into a pile of Good Guy dolls. Knowing he would probably die, Ray used voodoo to transfer his soul into one of the dolls. The store was then struck by lightning, and it burned to the ground. Before he died as a human, Ray had randomly murdered several people, many of whom simply got in his way. For ten years, he attempts to use six-year-old Andy Barclay to transfer his soul into since Andy was the first person to whom Chucky revealed his secret.
Ten years later, Tiffany, Chucky's fiance' reassembles and brings him back to life. When Chucky admits that he never intended to marry her, Tiffany imprisons him in a crib, but Chucky manages to escape. He electrocutes Tiffany by pushing a TV in the bathtub, and transfers her soul into a doll. After reconciling, the couple embarks on a murder spree, culminating at the cemetery where Chucky's human body is buried, as they need to get The Heart of Damballa, in order to transfer their souls into human bodies. But Tiffany has other plans: she slyly asks Chucky to kiss her before they appropriate human form, but suddenly grabs his knife and stabs him. The two dolls fight to the death, after which Tiffany is discovered by a cop. Tiffany manages to give birth to an androgynous baby doll Glen/Glenda, dying shortly afterward

Although trapped in the body of a doll, Chucky retains many human qualities, most notably the ability to bleed human like, as his innards are filled with living organs. Chucky also has the ability to procreate, as depicted in Seed of Chucky. It is interesting to note that Chucky acquires more human qualities the longer he inhabits his doll body. When Chucky first inhabits a doll body, he will be temporarily invincible. Once he remains in the body for a matter of time (usually a few days), Chucky progressively gains more human qualities, thus causing him to become more vulnerable. If Chucky stays in a doll body for too long, he will obtain full human qualities and will be trapped in the body forever

"child play"

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braviest commentator

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"dont dare watch TV alone"

Sadako Yamamura
is the antagonist in Koji Suzuki's novel Ring and the 1998 film adaptation. She returns as the antagonist in Rasen, is the protagonist in Ring 0: Birthday, and appears in the Korean and American remakes of the Ring cycle films.
In the original novel, Sadako was portrayed with testicular feminization syndrome, meaning that she was anatomically male. In both the novels and movies, it is possible to infer that she is the daughter of some oceanic based entity, making her a quasi-oceanic demigod.
Her name combines the Japanese words for "chaste" (sada) and "child" (ko).

The most recognizable image of Sadako is a shadowy woman whose face is covered in hair, crawling out of a television. This appearance is typical of Japanese ghosts, who are known as yūrei. Specifically, Sadako is a type of yūrei known as an onryō, a yūrei bound by a desire for vengeance.
Yūrei are Japanese ghosts, ones who have been bound to the physical world through strong emotions which do not allow them to pass on. Depending on the emotion that binds them, they manifest as a particular type of ghost.
Like many creatures of folklore, yūrei have a traditional appearance and follow a certain set of rules. They are generally female, although male yūrei do exist. They wear white clothing, which is the color of clothing that corpses are traditionally dressed with in Japan. They have long, often unkempt black hair and white faces, which comes from Kabuki theater where each character has a particular type of wig and make-up that identifies them to the audience. (Although it may also come from the fact that while Japanese women usually wore their hair in a bun, for funeral and burial, their long hair is let loose)
In addition to the standard yūrei appearance, Sadako is also an amalgamation of two famous Japanese ghosts, Oiwa and Okiku. From Oiwa, Sadako takes the single, misshapen eye. From Okiku, the style of murder, of being thrown down a well and then having the ghost rise from the well to seek vengeance.
The success of the 1998 film Ring brought the image of the yūrei to Western popular culture for the first time, although the image has existed in Japan for centuries. This image is often used in J-Horror films, such as Ju-on (and its remake The Grudge), One Missed Call and Dark Water.

The videotape
Main article: The Cursed Videotape
In the films her method of killing with the video curse is not explained, but when someone is killed by it she is seen climbing out of the nearest reflective surface (the most famous portrayal of this being her crawl from a television screen) and approaching them. The corpses are discovered with looks of unearthly anguish on their faces, so it could be concluded that they "die of fright", i.e. a heart attack. In Rasen, the curse is explained in detail, and is discovered to in fact be a virus. When someone watches the cursed tape (or something else carrying the curse) some of their DNA is changed to become that of the Ring Virus (i.e. a hybrid of Sadako's DNA and that of the smallpox virus). This travels through their body and in most cases causes a sarcoma to form on one of the arteries of their heart. If the curse has not been appeased within seven days, the sarcoma detaches from the artery and clogs it, causing heart failure.
Other powers
In Ring 0 Sadako exhibits a variety of abilities (mentioned above), including telekinesis, the ability to kill people instantly with psychic powers, healing abilities, ESP, and possibly the ability to split herself into two beings and merge them again.
Due to her curious new biology, Sadako also seems to be able to resurrect people (with some help from a genetic scientist) at the end of Spiral.
In Ring 2 the protagonists discover that Sadako was alive in the well for 30 years, dying shortly before she was uncovered in the previous film by Reiko Asakawa. This implies that she had remained alive until she imparted her curse onto the tape, meaning that she also had superhuman endurance and longevity, as well as inedia (the ability to live for extended periods without nourishment).
In the original Japanese films, Sadako's tapes cause their victims to have odd and malformed images when photographed. These images remain until Sadako kills the victim.
Lastly, she imparts her curse onto the video tapes, implying the ability of projected thermography.