Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Very First Bento

Check our Very first Bento. We make use of White Rice, Yam, Green Mango, Pasta, Carrot and Pea. It actually reminds me of Chicken little haha

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fixing Car Dents

One of the most irritating problems that car can have would be those unwanted dents caused by either major or minor car accident. You can actually have it when you accidentally bumped the wall or the tree behind you.
It is not great thing and in fact it is a big turn off for every car. Some drivers ignore it because they will not spend any money just to repair for the simple dents on their car. Well they have a point there since car dents have no effects to the vehicle but ignoring them could make your car a mess.
Some car owners fix the car dents on their own by using specialized hammer and paint but of course if you do not want to take the risk, it is better for you to bring your car into something like Car Painting Portland Shop in Oregon. They sure know how to fix the dents and make it less visible.
Car dents are usually corrected by hammering the dent out of the metal. Sanding and buffering is a part of the procedures too. They also make use of an specialized paint for it. How about you guys? Is it okay for you to let the dents in your car remained unfixed? I just don't feel comfortable with it... how about you?

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life in the Province

It's been 10 years now since we moved here in the city but until now, i am still missing the lifestyle that we have in the province. I miss my grandpa's Poultry farm. I miss how he teaches me to feed his chickens, how to get milk from his cows and more.
manok ni blue
One of my grandpa's chickens.

The life in our province is so simple yet you will surely have fun and you will definitely enjoy your stay there. The neighbors are so hospitable and they always have this feast-like celebration almost every week.
Comparing to our house today, i still prefer the old log house that we had in the province before. I remember how nice and elegant that rustic-looking house is. Yes, it's old but you can still see how superior the craftsmanship being applied to that small cabin. Log Cabins are actually the most common houses that you can see in most of the province here in the country. It is said that log homes are strong and sturdy enough to face the worst weather conditions like typhoons and hurricanes. Well, that sounds no surprising to me, knowing that our log house is standing still until today despite of many horrible typhoon attacks all throughout the years.
Aside from the quality, log cabins can also be as stylish as this one (photo above). I just grabbed the picture from and this is just one of so many stylish log cabins they have. In fact, you can also customize your own design whether you want to add doors, windows or you want to expand the size of your log. All you need is to contact them and let them do the rest of the jobs for you.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Saint Patrick Day's Art Crafts

Just wanna share you guys our Art Crafts for this month. Everything is related to the recently held Saint Patrick's Day.

Leprechaun Trap

Leprechaun Hat.

The Best Material For Kitchen

This is our kitchen and as you can see, we are using ceramic tiles for both our walls and counter tops. Oh and even our floor is made out of ceramic floor tiles. The good thing about ceramic is that it comes up with so many colors and has wide variety of designs. You can even install them all by your own and will give you a chance to show your creativeness.
However, these ceramic tiles have some flaws too. It is kinda hassle to clean them because the dirt are being trapped in every edges of each tiles , making the so difficult to remove. Ceramic tiles are not so durable too because when a strong force are being applied to them, they will break easily and you have no choice but to replace them. You are lucky if you were able to find the same tile in the hardware and i am so sure that they are not selling their tiles in pieces. You have to buy them by set which will cost you a lot.
This is the reason why we're thinking of replacing our ceramic tiles into something better. They said the the best material to be used for kitchen would be marble or granite.
I did some research awhile ago and check some images online to see how great this marble countertops are.

Taken from Just look how amazing it is. It has this natural glossy effect and undeniably highly durable. Marble is probably the most perfect material of all. Don't you think it is time for me to encourage my mom to change our ceramic tiles and make a big switch to marble?

Adding More Protection

Instead of focusing more on decorating your house or renovating them to make them look more appealing, why don't you focus first on improving your house by adding more protection to you and your family. Safety should always come first than anything else. You have to ensure the safety of your family by adding more protection to it.
Burglars and thieves are the most common threat for your family so you better add more security on your house by installing security cameras and burglar alarms. It is also much better to install some outdoor lightings to make it easy for you to monitor if someone is passing by to your house suspiciously.
Aside from burglars, you also have to keep your family protected from any sense of danger like fire. Always check your appliances. Unplug them if they are not in use. Keep flammable materials away and store them in the safe place. Avoid what so called "octopus wiring" as it can cause short circuit.
Natural calamities are also a big threat. It is true that we can do nothing to stop this calamities but we can do something to protect ourselves from any danger that these calamities can bring.
Add more protection to your house by using strong hardware materials. This will make your house more durable. Maintaining the cleanliness in your house especially those activities like cleaning your gutters periodically can play a very important role. Gutters are used to let the water flows freely from the roof to the ground. Once the water is being clogged, it will cause major damages to your house especially if the house is made out of wood. Wood can be rotten easily if it is being exposed to water for a long period of time. I suggest that you hire something like Gutter Cleaning Portland Services in Oregon at least once every season.
Again, safety should always come first so instead of prioritizing that much in decorating your house, you should ensure first the safety of your family by adding more protection to your house.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Do not Underestimate Them!!!

It is true that the job of a janitor is not generally requiring higher education but it doesn't mean that we have to underestimate them. Keep in mind that Janitors are more than just employees, they are professionals and they are well trained by their companies.
Janitor plays a very important role whether as a part of an office building team or as a public service employee. Well, i'm sure all of us want to work in a clean and relaxing working ambiance right? Well, this will not be possible without Janitors who are in charged in maintain the cleanliness in the office inside and out.
Whether you are at school, hospital, or some other private and public places, always expect to see janitors! This only shows how in-demand they are and how useful they are in a company. In fact, i just saw many job offers online who are all looking for experienced janitors.
Again, they are being trained though some establishments used to direct hire people who do not have enough training and skills. Actually, the fact that you are hiring someone without checking their employment background could be very risky that's why it is advisable to hire a janitor from a trusted Janitor Companies. They will sure provide high quality services that will satisfy everyone in that particular building. The kind of Janitorial Services Seattle Washington has are good examples of a high quality service.
See? Being a Janitor is a profession and we should be thankful that we have them in our society.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treasure Hunters

Indiana Jones, Benjamin Gates, Lara Croft, do they have something in common? Yup! They are all treasure hunters. Indiana Jones is the main protagonist of the adventure film franchise with the same title. Benjamin Gates is a character from the film National Treasure being portrayed by Nicholas Cage. Lara Croft on the other hand is the playable character from the video game Tomb Raider which was also portrayed by Angelina Jolie and gave her international stardom! Well, yes they are treasure hunters, however, they are just fictional and were only created from the creative imagination of their authors.
Although in reality, there's really such thing as treasure hunters. Go and look for some encyclopedias or search some of the pages of some history books, you'll definitely encounter some of the notable names like Heinrich Schliemann who discovered the city of Troy( which is also being adapted to a movie),Edward Lee Spence who is considered as the world's famous treasure hunter as he discovered numerous underwater treasures from some historical shipwrecks. Other famous treasure hunters include Mel Fisher and Robert Marx.
Want to become one of them? Then better not waste your time and take some training course that will teach you all the things that you need to know about professional treasure hunting. Also, arm yourself with treasure hunters' most important tool, metal detectors. I was checking the web last night when i found this XJ9-3050 metal detector. It is said to be one of the most effective and most astonishing treasure metal detectors in the world and has received a lot of positive feedback from mostly professional treasure hunters who have tried the XJ9-3050. Well, i guess buying such tool would be a great way to start your treasure hunting adventure right?
And one more thing, if ever you found a treasure and become famous because of it, don't forget me huh! Sharing is caring remember? haha