Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Treasure Hunters

Indiana Jones, Benjamin Gates, Lara Croft, do they have something in common? Yup! They are all treasure hunters. Indiana Jones is the main protagonist of the adventure film franchise with the same title. Benjamin Gates is a character from the film National Treasure being portrayed by Nicholas Cage. Lara Croft on the other hand is the playable character from the video game Tomb Raider which was also portrayed by Angelina Jolie and gave her international stardom! Well, yes they are treasure hunters, however, they are just fictional and were only created from the creative imagination of their authors.
Although in reality, there's really such thing as treasure hunters. Go and look for some encyclopedias or search some of the pages of some history books, you'll definitely encounter some of the notable names like Heinrich Schliemann who discovered the city of Troy( which is also being adapted to a movie),Edward Lee Spence who is considered as the world's famous treasure hunter as he discovered numerous underwater treasures from some historical shipwrecks. Other famous treasure hunters include Mel Fisher and Robert Marx.
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And one more thing, if ever you found a treasure and become famous because of it, don't forget me huh! Sharing is caring remember? haha