Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Should Act More Mature

I will turn 22 this year and we all now how time run so fast and i just can't escape the fact that i am no longer getting younger and as of this moment, i should be thinking of my future, having a stable job and having a family of my own.
I have to admit, at this age, i am still acting so immature, still fond of video games and still having fun hanging out and partying with my friends. I know... it was such a shame and i know that i should start acting more serious and mature.
I never had any serious relationship and most of them didn't take that long and i didn't take them seriously either which is something i am also regretting now.
This time, i should do the right thing. My friends are setting me on a blind date and hopefully it will work. I'm not really comfortable with it because i prefer on having a date to someone i know better.
It's pretty hard to enter a relationship if you didn't know each other well.
I would rather join a dating site and meet someone online than going on a blind date. These sites will help me to know the person well. We can be friends at first and once we feel that we are really compatible to each other then that might be the time to ask her for a date right?
Oh well, wish me luck then. I will buzz more about this date soon.

Mail Order Brides

We should be very grateful that modern advancement in technology made our world much smaller. We can easily communicate to other people on the other parts of the globe easily with the help of the Internet. As a matter of fact, almost all transactions are being done online, whether it's for personal or business purposes.
Believe it or not, you can even find the girl that you can marry online though the so called mail order brides system. There's nothing wrong in embracing such technology as long as you know that you are dealing with a reputable mail order brides agency.
It should also be a mutual decision between you and your bride to be.
There are many reasons why women want to be married abroad, they might be aiming for a green card, or they simply want to find a hubby or companion in life.
These kind of system has been operating since 18th and 19th century, and is now done the modern way.
Just be careful on choosing the right site and try to avoid being scammed. Much better if you ask a friend who already used such service or better yet, read a review online to check if the site is reputable or not.
Marrying someone is such a big decision to make so please be careful with your steps before involving yourself into something you are not fully aware yet.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Organizing Events

Have you ever organized an event? How was it?
Well i used to organize a school event when i was in college. Most of them are school science fair and other related events. It was fun yet a very stressing work. It was such a rewarding experience indeed.
I wonder what will happen if i will take this event organizing job seriously. I have read some articles about this job and how exciting this profession is.
I remember when i was in college, me and my team are in charge in almost everything. That includes the planning of the venue, arrangement of the props and tables, and even hiring a professional photographer to capture all those exciting moments in the said event. We really need a photographer since no one among us knows how to take pictures perfectly. We will be posting the photos in the bulletin so they really needed to be very presentable. Of course, I am not the one who will cover all the payments haha. We contribute to each other to avail such service. Because If i'm the only one to shoulder those expenses, then that is really unfair (what is the sense of making a group, if only one will shoulder the responsibilities right?)
Photographers are really in demand today especially for these kind of events, whether it's a special occasion or a very important event in school like the most popular prom night or the celebration of school's foundation day.
Luckily, hiring a photographer was not a hassle since you can reach them online now.
If you guys are looking for Photographer Portland Service in Oregon, you can reach Cassandra Sasse Photography at They got some cool offers and affordable pricing deals. Check them out and see what else the site has to offer for you.

Technical Driving Course

Last 2007, i was able to take a technical training course while working. I took the course for Computer Technician to learn at least the basic of computer troubleshooting. It really helped me a lot because right now, if ever there's an issue with my computer, i can fix it myself whether it's a software or hardware issues. That course is really effective and I might start a computer repair business in the near future.
Actually that training school offers a lot of technical course which include automotive and Cellphone Technician. I'm quite interested with the automotive actually.
Driving is very necessary nowadays and it's really important that you know how to drive. Actually you can be hired easily in some companies if they found out that you know how to drive and you took a special course for it.
Just like my Computer Technician course, taking driving course may help me a lot in so many ways. Let say my engine fails in the middle of my driving and there's no auto repair shop around, of course, i only have two options, it's either i will leave the car and ask for help or fix the issue myself.
Both can be very beneficial actually. Fixing it myself is a practical and inexpensive option however if i don't have the skills, then i might end up making the issue worst.
Bringing the car into an auto repair shop is a wise decision actually since you know that the issue can be fixed in no time. Lucky you if you can find a shop like that Auto Body Phoenix in Arizona because they will definitely give you honest and competent results and pricing.
Oh well, i better take that technical course very soon.
Wish me luck!

How To make Your House More Appealing

What really makes a house appealing? Listed below are just my opinion. If you can add something to my list, feel free to share your ideas here by commenting on this post. It will be well appreciated here thanks!
♣ Clean Environment. Nothing can be better than a clean house so make sure you clean your house regularly.
♣ Simplicity is beautiful as what they say and it's oh so true. Decorating your house is good since you can express your creativity on it but overdoing it will ruin everything.
♣ Choose the right color either paint or the colors of tiles. Color combination plays a vital role in making your house more appealing and inviting to the eye.
♣ Furniture can beautify your house inside. Having a specific theme (wooden, shabby, modern contemporary) would be cool.
♣ Give your house an extreme make over by getting an expert Remodeling service. Remodeling can cost you money but it's truly worth it because it will certainly give your house a new satisfying look. Just make sure that you deal with a reputable and well trusted company that will offer you an honest and competent pricing deals.
If you have any suggestions and recommendations feel free to share it here thanks.
I hope you find these tips useful.