Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Should Act More Mature

I will turn 22 this year and we all now how time run so fast and i just can't escape the fact that i am no longer getting younger and as of this moment, i should be thinking of my future, having a stable job and having a family of my own.
I have to admit, at this age, i am still acting so immature, still fond of video games and still having fun hanging out and partying with my friends. I know... it was such a shame and i know that i should start acting more serious and mature.
I never had any serious relationship and most of them didn't take that long and i didn't take them seriously either which is something i am also regretting now.
This time, i should do the right thing. My friends are setting me on a blind date and hopefully it will work. I'm not really comfortable with it because i prefer on having a date to someone i know better.
It's pretty hard to enter a relationship if you didn't know each other well.
I would rather join a dating site and meet someone online than going on a blind date. These sites will help me to know the person well. We can be friends at first and once we feel that we are really compatible to each other then that might be the time to ask her for a date right?
Oh well, wish me luck then. I will buzz more about this date soon.