Sunday, July 10, 2011

Organizing Events

Have you ever organized an event? How was it?
Well i used to organize a school event when i was in college. Most of them are school science fair and other related events. It was fun yet a very stressing work. It was such a rewarding experience indeed.
I wonder what will happen if i will take this event organizing job seriously. I have read some articles about this job and how exciting this profession is.
I remember when i was in college, me and my team are in charge in almost everything. That includes the planning of the venue, arrangement of the props and tables, and even hiring a professional photographer to capture all those exciting moments in the said event. We really need a photographer since no one among us knows how to take pictures perfectly. We will be posting the photos in the bulletin so they really needed to be very presentable. Of course, I am not the one who will cover all the payments haha. We contribute to each other to avail such service. Because If i'm the only one to shoulder those expenses, then that is really unfair (what is the sense of making a group, if only one will shoulder the responsibilities right?)
Photographers are really in demand today especially for these kind of events, whether it's a special occasion or a very important event in school like the most popular prom night or the celebration of school's foundation day.
Luckily, hiring a photographer was not a hassle since you can reach them online now.
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