Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Company Premises

It's not really an ideal one but this is the most typical view of a call center.

Look how small our cubicles are.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Balut and Penoy ala Tokneneng

Here's one of the most common street foods that you can see along the side walks in front of Baclaran Church. I used to buy a pair or three before going home. It's simply addicting and I just can't help but to buy. It's Penor or Balut done in a Tokneneng way (Soak in a flour mixture and deep fried in oil)

(one of the stalls)

Saturday, February 11, 2012

My Dream House

What is your dream house? Mine is just simple yet something unique and inviting. I want a house that is built outside the city. Somewhere near a Forest or a farm or somewhere from from noise and pollution. As for the design, i want it to be so simple yet high in quality. It doesn't have to be so artistic or something that will catch the attention of everyone who's passing by. I want a plain cream white house with 3 huge bed rooms and clean bathroom per each. I want a spacy Living room and dark spot free tiled kitchen. I want a house with a built in Old-school fire place and a house with an attic.
Generally, i want a house that will meet all my needs and will make me feel that i want to stay there for good. We all have our desired house. Some of you might be dreaming to live in a condo unit or in a mansion-like house. Some might desire for a luxurious looking house with a spacy garage outside. Some might want for a house with a huge garden and wonderful landscape in front. Some of you might wish to have a house accompanied with swimming pool or other living amenities.
Well, of course, there's always an equivalent price for what we desire. The higher are expectations, the higher the price will it be and vice versa. Good thing, we can now surf the web and look for some houses for sale over the web and to check if they will meet our own expectations. The good thing about these online Free Real Estate Listings is that, it gives us wider options to choose. Oh well, how about you, what is your desired house? Feel free to share it with us.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Your Job

With the ongoing financial crisis in the world, it is very undeniable that it is really hard to find a job. Sad to say, even those applicants who are holding a college degree and those who are highly skilled are having a hard time to find a job. Recently, i have heard on the news that lots doctors here in our country are trying their luck in other countries not as a doctor but as medical assistants or nurses. Well, we cannot blame them since they are earning well abroad. After all, being a nurse is not a bad job at all. Actually that is a profession to be admired and a degree to be respected. There is a huge difference when you compare the salary that an overseas worker is receiving than what is being offered in our country. Well, for me, working is not just about the salary. Yes! it plays a very important role but for me, the most important thing to consider to get a job that you like.If you get into college, then choose the course where you will excel and you know for yourself that you can improve well on that field. Make sure that you go to a well trusted and highly credible school nwho will offer you the highest quality of education like that nursing school san francisco in California in case you are planning to be in a healthcare field. Always keep in mind that you cannot appreciate a job no matter if it is a highly compensated if you cannot learn how to love it.