Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Longest Chat Conversation

Are you fond of chatting? How much time do you spend for it? Actually I am really not into chatting and I make use of the chat when I had to talk to my relatives especially if i can't reach them through phone. I love chatting though.
Anyway, i had my longest chat conversation with my uncle last weekend. We had such an interesting conversation about his work and his new place in Dubai. I am really eager to work abroad and maybe this is the reason why my uncle took my interest and had the longest chat conversation with him. He's asking me if I am interested to apply abroad and he's also asking me if I already have a passport.
Unfortunately, i still don't have one and i don't have much time to process such document since I already got a job but if ever I will be given a chance, i will definitely grab that opportunity to process my passport.
Anyway, he also shared some of his work experiences and also his new life abroad. He was able to find a new place and is willing now to stray there for good. My uncle is not yet married but he has a girl friend already who is also a filipina.
I was actually teasing him that he will be married soon. I keep on sending him some funny emoticons which made our conversation more interesting haha.
I had so much fun chatting with my uncle and I'm sure he will buzz me again for another conversation. haha