Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hello guys! as a year ender i would like to make a short recap of all the posts that i had for this blog.
Meet now all the creeps/scariest movie characters/horror and terrifying movies
and if you do have suggestions or recomendations of what you want to be featured here in the world of creeps
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Black Christmas


black christmas Pictures, Images and Photos
Black Christmas is a 2006 remake of the 1974 film of the same name. It is directed by Glen Morgan. The movie is rated R in the US, 18A in Canada and 15 in the UK for strong horror violence and gore, sexuality, nudity and language. The film score was the last to be composed and conducted by Shirley Walker, who died a month before the film's release.

This film is a remake of the 1974 horror movie of the same title. The movie tells the story of Billy, a young boy who was abused by his mother as a child . While his mother was cheating on Billy's father, she eventually killed his father one Christmas and kept Billy in the attic—for good,while she was with her lover and starting a "new" family. On one night, after her lover fell asleep while they were having sex, Billy's mother seduced him and had sex with him, the result being Billy's mother being pregnant. As Billy's mother fell pregnant with a daughter and treated her with love, which Billy had never experienced with his mother, Billy came out of the attic after 15 years and brutally murdered his mother and her lover as his sister looked on. Cut to present day, a group of nine sorority sisters consisting of Kelli ,Melissa , Lauren , Heather , Dana , Megan ,Clair ,Eve and their house mother, Ms. Mac , who now live in Billy's childhood home, find themselves being harassed by threatening and intimidating mystery phone calls during Christmas break, and as two of the girls go missing, the girls begin being murdered one by one by none other than a mysterious person who lived in the house before them...might have been haunting them as well.




Sunday, December 7, 2008


The Blob is an amorphous creature from outer space which lands on Earth encased in a meteor. Two teenagers, Steve Andrews (McQueen) and Jane Martin (Corsaut) take a car to try to find where the meteor has landed. Meanwhile, an elderly man (Olin Howland) has heard the meteor crash near his house. He goes outside and upon finding it pokes it with a stick. The rock breaks open, and he finds a small mass of jelly-like substance inside. This "blob", which is actually a living creature, crawls up the stick and attaches itself to his hand. The man runs hysterically onto the road, where he is almost hit by Steve's car. Steve attempts to help the man, but he begs to be taken to the doctor. They arrive just as Doctor Hallen is about to leave the office. He takes the old man in and anesthetizes him, but finds that the mass has grown larger. Finally, it dissolves the old man completely and rolls to the floor, where it also engulfs and eats the nurse and later, the doctor himself.

Steve and Jane return to the office, now apparently empty, but in time for Steve to see the Blob consuming the doctor. He and Jane go to the local police, kindly Lt. Dave and cynical Sgt. Burt, and they go to the office where they find no sign of the creature or the doctor. Dismissing Steve's story, the police return Steve and Jane to their homes and parents. Later, they sneak out and get Steve's friends out of the late-night "Spook Show" (Daughter of Horror) and try to convince them that the Blob is threatening the town. The Blob, in the meantime, has consumed a mechanic and later (off camera), the janitor in Mr. Andrew's grocery store. Steve and Jane find it here, and it chases them into the walk-in refrigerator, but for some reason it does not follow them in after starting to squeeze under the door. They then escape and set off the town's fire and air-raid alarms. The whole town gathers and demands to know what is going on. As the townspeople and police angrily confront Steve, the Blob enters the Colonial Theater, engulfs and eats the man in the projection room, and then attacks the audience. As the patrons run screaming out of the theater, the truth of Steve's story is finally confirmed to everyone.

The Blob then follows Steve, Jane, and her little brother into the local diner, which it engulfs. The kids, along with the owner and his wife, run into the cellar. The police try to kill the Blob by dropping a power line onto it. This fails, but sets the diner on fire instead. The people are trapped inside with no hope of escape, until Steve starts to quench the fire with a fire extinguisher. The Blob, which is trying to reach them in the cellar, recoils. Steve tells Lt. Dave that the Blob cannot stand cold (explaining why it did not consume them in the refrigerator), and so, taking the fire extinguishers from the local high school, they attack the monster with carbon dioxide. Soon, the Blob is frozen solid, unable to move or engulf anyone. The film closes with a scene of a military plane dropping the Blob into an Arctic landscape.
The film ends with the words "The End", which then morph into a question mark, suggesting that the Blob may return