Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hello guys! as a year ender i would like to make a short recap of all the posts that i had for this blog.
Meet now all the creeps/scariest movie characters/horror and terrifying movies
and if you do have suggestions or recomendations of what you want to be featured here in the world of creeps
Thank you for continuing support


Allison said...

Hi blue its great to see all the scarie movies you posted on here last year I'll get back 2 u when I think of one u might like to post!

Our Love Story said...

am just so glad that you include one of my favorite thriller films of all times... resident evil.. which i've seen for a hundred times...hehehe!

take care, blue! am just so happy i can still view this page! cheers!

Elyong said...

Hi Blue, i can't find your other blog..