Saturday, February 4, 2012

Love Your Job

With the ongoing financial crisis in the world, it is very undeniable that it is really hard to find a job. Sad to say, even those applicants who are holding a college degree and those who are highly skilled are having a hard time to find a job. Recently, i have heard on the news that lots doctors here in our country are trying their luck in other countries not as a doctor but as medical assistants or nurses. Well, we cannot blame them since they are earning well abroad. After all, being a nurse is not a bad job at all. Actually that is a profession to be admired and a degree to be respected. There is a huge difference when you compare the salary that an overseas worker is receiving than what is being offered in our country. Well, for me, working is not just about the salary. Yes! it plays a very important role but for me, the most important thing to consider to get a job that you like.If you get into college, then choose the course where you will excel and you know for yourself that you can improve well on that field. Make sure that you go to a well trusted and highly credible school nwho will offer you the highest quality of education like that nursing school san francisco in California in case you are planning to be in a healthcare field. Always keep in mind that you cannot appreciate a job no matter if it is a highly compensated if you cannot learn how to love it.