Sunday, March 20, 2011

Life in the Province

It's been 10 years now since we moved here in the city but until now, i am still missing the lifestyle that we have in the province. I miss my grandpa's Poultry farm. I miss how he teaches me to feed his chickens, how to get milk from his cows and more.
manok ni blue
One of my grandpa's chickens.

The life in our province is so simple yet you will surely have fun and you will definitely enjoy your stay there. The neighbors are so hospitable and they always have this feast-like celebration almost every week.
Comparing to our house today, i still prefer the old log house that we had in the province before. I remember how nice and elegant that rustic-looking house is. Yes, it's old but you can still see how superior the craftsmanship being applied to that small cabin. Log Cabins are actually the most common houses that you can see in most of the province here in the country. It is said that log homes are strong and sturdy enough to face the worst weather conditions like typhoons and hurricanes. Well, that sounds no surprising to me, knowing that our log house is standing still until today despite of many horrible typhoon attacks all throughout the years.
Aside from the quality, log cabins can also be as stylish as this one (photo above). I just grabbed the picture from and this is just one of so many stylish log cabins they have. In fact, you can also customize your own design whether you want to add doors, windows or you want to expand the size of your log. All you need is to contact them and let them do the rest of the jobs for you.