Friday, March 18, 2011

The Best Material For Kitchen

This is our kitchen and as you can see, we are using ceramic tiles for both our walls and counter tops. Oh and even our floor is made out of ceramic floor tiles. The good thing about ceramic is that it comes up with so many colors and has wide variety of designs. You can even install them all by your own and will give you a chance to show your creativeness.
However, these ceramic tiles have some flaws too. It is kinda hassle to clean them because the dirt are being trapped in every edges of each tiles , making the so difficult to remove. Ceramic tiles are not so durable too because when a strong force are being applied to them, they will break easily and you have no choice but to replace them. You are lucky if you were able to find the same tile in the hardware and i am so sure that they are not selling their tiles in pieces. You have to buy them by set which will cost you a lot.
This is the reason why we're thinking of replacing our ceramic tiles into something better. They said the the best material to be used for kitchen would be marble or granite.
I did some research awhile ago and check some images online to see how great this marble countertops are.

Taken from Just look how amazing it is. It has this natural glossy effect and undeniably highly durable. Marble is probably the most perfect material of all. Don't you think it is time for me to encourage my mom to change our ceramic tiles and make a big switch to marble?