Sunday, October 26, 2008


If America has this "child play film" with Chuckie
well Korea has this

The Doll Master Pictures, Images and Photos

The Doll Master is a 2004 South Korean horror film directed by Yong-ki Jeong.

B&W  Doll Master Pictures, Images and Photos

Five young people are invited to a remote doll museum to be models for dolls. Here they meet a strange doll maker in a wheelchair and several other people. The five young visitors later find that they all came from the same village, and all know a common story: A doll has its own spirit. Then one by one, each is mysteriously killed. The last few survivors find out the truth: dolls do have spirits, and they have come to settle some old scores.

doll master - ball jointed doll Pictures, Images and Photos

doll master Pictures, Images and Photos

here's the trailer


Allison said...

Never seen this film just watched the trailer creeepy stuff the creepier & scarier the better for me!nice one.

-MaLdiTo- said...

I love this film hehehe
one of my favorites...

poetic soul said...

i jus saw this movie yesterday and its pretty creepy....nice concept though but cant beat child's play....