Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Clash of the Titans 2010 Remake

Those who do not want PG rated fare, meanwhile, can look forward to "Clash of the Titans". It is a rehash of the 1981 film of the same name, the fantasy flick is loosely based on the Greek myth of Perseus, the hero who killed Medusa and resued Andromeda from a sea monster.
Avatar breakout star Sam Worhington gets his Greek on in the lead role, spearheading a mission to defeat the vengeful Hades played by Ralph Fiennes before attempting to seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) The film is directed by Louis Leterrier. The Clash of the Titans is said toi start screening on March 26 in Philippine cinema. I gonna watch out for this!


Anonymous said...

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foongpc said...

Just watched this movie in 3D! Nice movie - I like the scenes involving Medusa! Excellent!

But overall, it's not a groundbreaking show nothing like Avatar, I would rate it 5.5/10

Still, go for the movie - it's pretty entertaining, with no boring scenes! : )