Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jobless and Loveless Me

I might be the most unfortunate guy around for being single for more or less a year now. Okay, i know I can deal with it for awhile but at some point I find it quite depressing and frustrating. You can't blame me for feeling this way because I am a man and I have my needs too. I just can't live alone and I need someone who can comfort me when I am down, someone I can be with for a life time.
I just have so many problems right now and I just can't deal with them alone. It's been a week now since i got separated from my company and I don't feel quite good about it. Even though it was my choice to leave the company, it is still hard for me to accept that I can no longer be with my previous colleagues. Well, I find it more depressing don't you think?
Actually, some of my friends were trying to amuse me or to cheer me up. They keep cracking some jokes just to make me laugh. They're even suggesting me to try online dating so that, at least, I can focus myself on some other things and let me get rid my depression. Online dating isn't a bad Idea actually. After all, I've been single for awhile now, so maybe it is time for me to open my heart again and enter a new relationship.
And besides, online dating will not cost me that much and in fact there are several sites that offer their services for free like that free dating site I found last night. I find it very intriguing and I am quite excited to meet someone over the internet. Who knows? I might be able to find the right girl for me who can change my life forever. Maybe God planned me to be unemployed for awhile to focus more on my love life. Yay! ^_^