Friday, April 29, 2011

Decaying Window?

We used to wire the term "Decay" to woods and other biodegradable materials right? But who would have thought that "Decay" can also be associated with your glass windows. Yup! Glass windows can also be decayed. However, we are not talking about fungal or any bacterial action here. We are also not referring to rotten matter that produce foul odor or something like that. Decaying window is the sate where glass are becoming more brittle and breaks down easily. Again, there is no bacteria or other micro organisms involved here, the decaying state of glass windows mostly caused by some environmental factors including the too much exposure to heat, moisture, climbing plants, and more.
The lifespan of a window usually depends on the material that you used for it and the workmanship being applied to it before the installation process. Cleaning the window in a regular basis also plays a very important role in extending it's lifespan. Windows Cleaning used to be one of the important house chores that is frequently being overlooked. If that's the case then you better hire an expert who is specializing on that matter like the Window Cleaning Portland in Oregon has. In this way, windows will be regularly maintained and making them more durable and more resistant against heat and moisture.