Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh No!

You don't know guys what exactly happened to me last Thursday. I borrowed my dad's car but i accidentally involved it on a collision. Yikes. If you just know how nerve wracking that was to tell my dad what happened to his car. As expected, my dad turned himself into an angry dragon, bursting with so much emotion that time. Well i can't blame him. I know how much he need the car. He might be disabled but he can still drive and sometimes he used his car for business purposes that's why i just can't blame him for being so angry like that.
Good thing mom was able to calm my dad and last Saturday, my father and I made a deal. I will help my dad and will shoulder most of the bills for the repairs. Ooops! I guest this is such a big challenge to face. I'm not sure if i have enough savings for this. The car was damaged so bad and it sure requires a lot of repairs. And that sounds a lot of money too!
I'm sure i will end up applying for another Payday Loan Online again. I did that before when my Grandma got hospitalized and in order to pay those unexpected hospital bills, i have no choice but to get a payday loan to shoulder my expenses. Well I was so grateful that i managed to pay all the hospital bills that time and i guess i will be needing a help from payday loan again to help me with the issue with my dad's car.
Oh my... i hope this serves a lesson to you guys! Always practice safe driving to avoid getting in into such scenario sobs.
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