Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How To Recover Forgotten Windows Password

I'm not really good in memorizing my own password and were instances that I have to create a new account because I just can't figure out what my password is and it seems to be no way for me to retrieve them. I know it is not really an ideal thing to do but since then, i started to use one password in every of my accounts. My friend told me that I should change them and I should make different passwords to avoid my accounts from being hacked.
Same thing goes with my Computer password. My little brother used to open my computer all by himself and I'm afraid that he can delete some of my important files unintentionally. So to prevent that from happening, I decided to establish my own password to prevent anyone from accessing my computer without my permission. However, there was an incident before that I forgot my password and i have no choice but to reset it again. Good thing, my cousin taught me how to rest my Windows password though it is quite complicated to understand at first especially for a non-techie guy like me.
Well, he advised me to create my own Password reset Disk using a Floppy diskette. You just have to access your Control panel, go to User Accounts, Choose the Account containing your username, click the "Prevent Forgotten Password link (in the Related Tasks Area) and the Forgotten Password Wizard will appear. Just follow and complete the instructions. Remove the Floppy Disk and don't forget to label it to avoid confusion in the future.
But of course, there is a much simpler way to recover your password and that is in the nature of the so called Windows Password Remover Program. Amazingly, this software allows you to retrieve your forgotten Windows password in as short as 5 minutes. You do not have to undergo those complicated procedures. All you have to do is to download and install the Software, create a bootable USB or CD and presto! You can recover your password with no ease.