Thursday, September 29, 2011

Proper Drog Training

Having a pet dog is nice but at the same time, it’s quite a risk too. We cannot assure that your dog can’t bite you even it’s been with you for quite a long time. Their behavior changes too from time to time depending on the situation. Dogs are very playful but sometimes, this playfulness may exceed to something pretty dangerous because they might end up biting you.
Dealing with stranger dogs is very risky as well. So to avoid Dog bites, I listed some useful tips below to help you.
► Don’t stare at a dog. Looking him “right in the eye” tends to make him uneasy and, in fact, offers a challenge. Keep in mind that they are not aware of what they are doing and they might not get your instruction right away.
►Don’t touch the dog while he is asleep or unaware of you. He could wake up in a bad mood like many humans. Avoid touching them while they are taking their meals. I've experienced it many times before, when I try to touch my dog while his eating. He will start making an angry expression as if he's preparing to bite me at any moment. Well, since then, I never dare touch them while their busy taking their meals.
►Approach a dog confidently but cautiously. Some of them have a protective attitude toward their owner or their home. This kind of attitude or behavior is quite normal to dogs so you have to be aware of it. When dogs approach you, talk to him but don’t ever shake your fingers at him. It may look like a wiener.
►Don’t kick or threaten a dog with anything. Most dogs are friendly unless stirred.
►And most of all, provide a proper training to them. You can check Hundeerziehung site to get some tips and ideas about proper dog training. I suggest that you train your dog while their still young. Adult dogs are quite hard to train and you might encounter series of issues with them.