Friday, September 16, 2011

Camcorders, then and now

Remember that bulky video camera before? The camera in which you need a strap or a bag just to carry them? I'm sure you're going to laugh right now if you're going to compare them to what kind of cameras we have today. Don't you think it's quite silly to bring them again? Of course that is in exception to those cameras being used for tv or movie productions.
It's pretty amazing to see how much things have changed. Technology and modern advancement made things a lot easier for us. Here, i listed some analogical comparison between the old cameras and the new versions.
► SIZE: Video Cameras before are extremely heavy, bulky and it is so much hassle to bring. Video cameras and camcorders today are smaller and you can bring them anywhere you go without the need of a big bag or a strap to carry them. It's very portable indeed.
►RESOLUTION: Video cameras before do not have high definition unless you have bought a very expensive brand. Camcorders today, no matter how small they are, have the capability to produce high quality images. Brands like Sony, Nikon, Canon are few of the most recommendable ones.
►STORAGE: You need to insert video tapes in order to store your videos before. And in order to watch them, you need to have a special player that can play such tapes. Camcorders today can store their videos using micro memory cards. You can store so much files in one memory card and you can upload them in your computer using USB cord.
►PORTABILITY: Video cameras before are extremely heavy and you cannot bring them to crowded places unless you can bear all the pressure. Camcorders today are slimmer and lighter in size. You can actually put them on your pocket and bring them anywhere you want.
Of course the quality of camcorders depend on its brand. You might want to check for the best camcorder reviews and to help you find the right camera that will suit your taste and your budget as well.