Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Dream Garden

Landscaping consume a lot of time too since you have to pay attention to every single details if you want to make your landscape more appealing. Aside from being so time consuming, Landscaping can be very stressing too and I'm sure a lot of you experience the same thing.
Well, we don't have wide space in our house that's why we just ended up on having a small garden but I can say that the space is good enough to accommodate some plants and trees. I just wish we have wider space than what we have now so that we can experiment more with our garden designs. Can you imagine a wide garden with so many wonderful topiary being displayed around, a garden filled with colorful flowers, decorated with cute gnomes and a garden with stunning bird baths? Not to mention the amazing fountain on the center.Well, that is actually my dream garden though i realized how hard would it be to maintain such huge garden like that.
My mom used to keep our Garden well maintained. She waters the plants everyday and trim them if necessary but I'm not really sure if she can handle the stress if ever we have that huge dream garden of mine.
Take note that a poorly maintained garden receives very poor impression too. This maintenance should be done regardless to the size of your garden. Whether it is small or huge landscape, it is your responsibility to keep it clean and highly maintained. It is not just done to improve the looks of your garden but also to keep your garden plants healthy. If that so, then I would rather hire an expert landscaper from an honest and reputable Landscaping Company to help us out in maintaining the garden.
Oh well, I might be very ambitious to dream for such a huge front yard haha.