Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Investing Money to Gold

Gold is probably one of the most expensive piece or valuables that an individual could ever have. They are quite unaffordable especially those with 22 to 24 karat. This is the reason why we consider gold as an investment.
I remember, there is an episode in my favorite Korean Drama, "Temptation of Wife" which was aired here in our country for quite a long time, that talks about gold. It was Mr Jung who decided to buy set of gold bars and keep them as an investment. However, the gold bars were stolen by Heidi and the rest of the scene is history.
Mr Jung here was such a wise businessman and his decision to buy gold bars for investment is such a clever move from him. If I really get the chance, i will certainly consider buying golds too and serve them as my investment.
Instead of wasting my money to buy brand new appliances or furniture, I would rather buy gold and sell them when a financial problem occurs.
We should be very grateful because we can now sell them online. However, we just have to make sure that we will be dealing with a reputable company that will give us honest and competent rates and deals.
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