Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knowing More About Fibroids

Are you guys familiar about "Fibroids"? Actually, one of my blogger friends here had this tumor and she buzzed everything about her unwanted experiences and all the pain brought to her by this disease. It was a uterine fibroid, causing so much pain to her every time that she has menstruation and she experienced some abnormal urinary frequency, as if she wanted to pee every moment.
To kill all these pain, she decided to undergo the so called Fibroids Treatment. As far as i remember, she traveled way far to Singapore with her hubby just for the operation. They make sure that they will be dealing with a well trusted doctor, regardless of how far or how expensive it would be. After all, money is not the big issue here, what matters most is her immediate recovery and how will she be able to escape from the nightmare brought to her my her Uterine fibroid.
Undergoing fibroid treatment is such a sensitive decision because there are some treatment especially in worst cases, that the surgeon will remove the uterus, which will obviously prevent the woman from having a baby.
Though i have heard that there are natural way of treating this disease but I'm not so sure how effective they were. But of course, before doing or dealing with anything, make sure that you have all the knowledge you need about your condition and so that you are aware about the pros and cons if ever you decide of what kind of treatment are you going to consider with.
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