Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Field of Sports in out Country that You Should Try

It's good to know that Philippines is now opening its door to a new sport which is in the nature of Football. Well, basketball is probably the most popular sport here in our country not until the Philippine Azkals came in. Azkals changed our daily sport watching routine. We became more interested to a new field of sports which is definitely a good thing because this can be a chance to prove that we, Filipinos, have the guts to compete internationally.
Anyway, speaking of new sport, i guess Golf should be widely introduced here in our country too. Oh well, we already have golf here, however, the sport is not widely promoted. Golf is not just for wealthy individuals. The equipments might be very expensive if you buy the complete set but please take note that you can now rent those golf clubs, making it more affordable for players.
Basketball and badminton are quite common here in our country so they are not that challenging and exciting at all. Much better if we try something different too.
So why not Golf right? Well, it's fun to try something uncommon here in our country right?. We have some golf courses here but unfortunately, not everyone is paying attention to this very entertaining sports.
Just imagine dealing with those very challenging golf courses. Some of them might deal with obstacles like water hazard and sand bunkers. But then, it depends on your location as well. Lucky you if you are in Oregon because you can visit the well known Lake Oswego.
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