Thursday, August 18, 2011

My Pasta Hurts

I think i have to visit my dentist again because I feel like something is wrong with my "teeth pasta" . Teeth pasta is more like a slang term for Jacketing here in our country but unlike the jacketing , the material used for teeth pasta is much cheaper and is mainly done to restore the appearance of a broken tooth.
Anyway, it feels weird because my pasta hurts every time i chew and also when i drink or eat something extremely cold or hot. My teeth is not badly damaged actually, there were just few black spots on it and my dentist suggested the pasta and since I trust him, i decided to take it. I called him yesterday and he told me that the pain will eventually subside after few weeks. Maybe I'm not used to it yet that's why it hurts that bad. Let's just hope that the pain will be gone soon.
Do you have a so called family dentist too? I suggest that you find one, someone that you can trust and someone that will offer nothing but honest and competent service. Make sure that they are licensed to ensure that you're in good hands. Better yet, get recommendations from your relatives or friends or search them online if you want.
Aim to establish a long term relationship with them since dental issues is something that will occur over and over again and you need someone that you can trust too and will give you a satisfying service which is similar to that Dentist Portland services offered in Oregon.
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Have a great day guys and Happy blogging to all.