Thursday, June 23, 2011

Starting Again

We once had a small business but it didn't work that well so mom decided to stop it before we experience bankruptcy. Well, maybe Business is not my mom's forte, maybe there is something else that she can do that will help her to excel. My mom is such a workaholic type of woman and she just don't want to stay idle at home and she always want to keep herself busy. Well, in fairness to her, despite of her busy working schedule, she still manage to her job as a mom very effectively which make me really proud. I must be the luckiest son to have a mom like her.
Anyway, back to the business, it seems that my mom is almost giving up on this kind of field but my Tita (auntie) still encouraging her to try it one more time. My auntie has a very successful eatery business that's why she keep on encouraging mom to try her luck too!
Good thing, i know now how to help her effectively. As an internet savvy guy, i have learned that you can start your business online without sacrificing your limited budget. You can even promote them on the web for Free!! Yup! You can advertise your products or services for free in the nature of the so called free classified ads.
There are so many sites today that offer this kind of service and one of the most reputable would be I used to visit the site to check for some good deals so maybe we can act as a seller now and start encouraging online customers to try our products. Besides, the service here is free so we have nothing to worry. I should make a site for my mom's business too if ever she decided to start again.
I'm sure my mom is now aware about those mistakes that she did on her previous business and she can use those lessons to make this new business more successful. Cheers! Wishing all the best to my mom.