Saturday, June 18, 2011

Threat From Bad Weather Condition

It seems that it was just yesterday when we were being threatened by Typhoon Dodong and now here comes Typhoon Egay. Right now, it is just a tropical depression but any moment today, it will be considered already as a typhoon according to the news. It is another threat indeed and we're hoping that it will not be as strong as Typhoon Ondoy. Good thing we were able to prepare ourselves for this kind of scenario. We were able to clean the roof gutters and traced some leaks from our roof before the rainy season arrived. We really had a hard time tracing each leaks and I'm not sure if we fixed the issue completely. We are also done trimming the branches of the Acacia tree in our front yard. It might cause any danger if we leave those growing branches untrimmed and unpruned. It is very important to check every single details to avoid any possible hazard or danger.
In fact, we even checked the condition of our windows to verify if they can still withstand against bad weather conditions. The glass windows tend to become more brittle if you are using it for a very long time. Take note that too much exposure to sun and rain will make your glass windows weak and so replacing in a timely manner is very advisable. You can replace it all by yourself though it could be a little bit risky so better hire experts to do the job satisfactorily. There are companies like that Windows Portland Replacement services who are specializing on this kind of repair and service. You might want to hire them instead of doing it alone.
I just wish that Typhoon Egay is not as strong as Ondo and will give no harm to our country.


typhoon dodong said...

well a typhoon coming that's why we experience cloudy and rainy day...